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Dear supporters, both in prayer and financial,         

             first of all i want to tell you how blessed i feal to have a strong group of prayer warriors back in America! I thank God every day and remember you in my prayers!

            The new christians (Jom, Don and pang) are doing good! Jom is seeking God and keeping a consistent relationship with God! Don is now staying in my room and from what i see is seeking God with the same amount of diligence as Jom!  There is alot about christianity that the new students don’t know, so please pray for us(BJD staff) as we encourage them to keep that relationship with God and seek out Gods truth like one would seek out a treasure.  Please pray for our newest student Sun! she has bee coming to english class for awhile and is now living at BJD! she is not yet following Jesus but pray that God will be working in her heart as she sees us daily living out our faith.

    The newest thing I’m doing is teaching english to my market friends daughter! I am being blessed way more than i could ever bless them! Everytime i see them they give me bags of cookies that they sell and fruit. they have such a giving and sweet heart. please pray for me as I share Gods Love with them and I will find ways to share the gospel with them. It’s hard to with no translater and i can’t speak thai very well. Pray that Gods message will be clear to them.

Your Brother in Christ,

Karl Aaron Hess

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 Febuary 15th 2011,

     i was doing my morning work duties:cleaning the boys bathroom and sweeping. When Joohee(staff at BJD) came running in from the rain soaked from head to toe and breathing really hard. He came up to me and asked me if i could drive my motor bike for him. without hesitation i said sure and asked him “what for?” he then started to tell me about this homeless woman that are staff member had found and how they wanted to bring her here but she walked slow and it was raining really hard. So i followed his direction for about a while until we came up to this homeless woman. Soshe hopped on the motor bike and i brought her to BJD! when we got there she kept her feet on the pegs of the bike and wouldn’t get off and if i would’ve just left her she would just tip over. i tried ,in my the little thai i know, to tell her we have coffee if she will just go sit down but she wasn’t in her right mind. another girl(who didn’t speak thai) tried to get her to come sit down but the woman would get really excited and just when you thought she was gonna get off she would get a blank look on her face and stare into the distance! So there i sat on holding up a woman on a motor bike in the rain. finally one of the thai staff came and coaxed her off the bike!  He then began to ask her about her family and we eventually got her home! I Love how God Loves everyone! even the smelly lady who doesn’t understand what is going on. God thinks everyone is so precious and after i thought about that i looked at this woman and saw the most adorable woman. She was very lovable after God showed me this woman through his eyes! She was no longer this Lady who made me hold her up on a bike in the rain for half an hour but she was this sweet girl that didn’t know where she was at or where her home was. When i wake up i used to think to myself  “just a normal day” but now i wonder “what wierd situation is God gonna put me in today and what am i gonna learn?”. Always be in a place of willingness and in a place where you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you know nothing! We always have everything to learn.

Your brother in Christ Karl

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English class

we finished our first semester of our English class in January! When i first came to BJD the English class was very tiresome. i reluctantly did it because i had to and there were times i should have been learning insteas of teaching. Then we hit the end of out 3 month semester and i saw all the good that came out of it! we now have atleast 20 new friends to evangelize to and a girl who has been coming is asking questions about God and coming to our Tuesday night worship services.  So now as I’m looking onto another 3 months of English class i’m looking forward to all that God is going to do through English class.

                              English class is by far the biggest way we create relationships at BJD! We start out our clas by practicing our conversational skills! in other words we talk to them and see how they are doing and how thier week has gone. Then we introduce our topic for that day like………….nouns or verbs. We then break u into 3 groups and each group has a different aspect of that topic to teach and after 30 minutes we switch groups so at the end of our 2 hours we teach the same thing 3 times over. After we teach for hours we then have trouble getting the students ot of BJD!! so usually we invite our students to dinner and this is really the single biggest way we get students to stay at BJD and follow Jesus!

Please pray that…………..

1)as we start a new semester we won’t get tired out!

2) we will find open doors to share the gospel

3) our relationships with our students will grow

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New Year!

I’M SO EXCITED FOR THIS NEW YEAR IN JESUS!!!!!the new believers  Don, Jom, and Bang are growing daily in thier walk with God! Jom actually decided to become a Christian! He talked with some of the staff and now he is a Jesus follower! Don is reading his bible daily(along with jom and Bang) and he is full of quesitons! Bang is just a sweety pie and her heart for God is developing. I thank God and praise him for all that has happened in 2010 and am excited and praying about this new year and making myself available for God to do as he wills. One thing that concerns me is the fact that these new believers are watching everything i do and often times imitating me. for example: the boys here never give thier seats on the bus to girls. i’ve watched them and it’s just not what they do unless it’s an old woman. well I was on a bus with Don and he saw me give my seat up for a Girl he emediatly stood up and found a girl to sit in his place. i’m concerned for two reasons. The first is I(an imperfect human) am the model for chrisianity and the second reason is we have teams coming all the time to BJD and sometimes there are people in those groups that aren’t exactly following God but in the eyes of the students they all are how christians should act. please pray for me as i’m growing in God and that i can be the example they need and i will have the humility to explain to them when i make a mistake that although we are christians we are still imperfect humans. I’m in a position were i’m making decisions and leading teams and talking with the team leaders about problems and correcting teams as they do things like ring bells in worship to buhdda. please pray for me as God streches me.

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Since I’ve Been Gone


My first month in Thailand

I’m very sorry to all. I haven’t been able to figure out how to use my blog until now. I will try to be more studious with my blog updates.

November I started my Thai language classes and started to get back into the Thai culture and figure out where I fit in this ministry!

Right now I have 2 students that I’m responsible for discipling and helping them grow in their walk with God! Also I’m one of the three English teachers! Another job I have at Baan jai deow is working with short term teams by teaching them how to effectively reach the Thai people. On the 23rd of November I helped lead a team of students to do ministry at an orphanage called Koaw dee (Good news). We were their to share Gods Love with the Thai children and to help build a garden so they can grow their own food. It was a great chance for me to learn how to help lead a team. Also it was a great chance for the Thai students (especially the new believers) to learn about Gods provision and since a lot of them just came to know God they learned how to serve God by serving and loving people.

This was a blessed month not only because of our successful outreach but also 2 students came to know God! As exciting as that is we have to be very careful and pray constantly be praying for them because Buddhism is so much their culture that most of the time a Thai will slowly make the transition from Buddhism to Jesus. So please pray for…….

  • Don(male)

  • Bang(Female)

  • Jom(male)

As they start their walk with God. And pray that they will not turn back but keep on it.

More ways you can pray for me!!!

  • I will soak up the language like a sponge

  • I will adjust to the culture

  • communication will be easy

  • my debit card will get to Thailand fast

Thank you for your support and prayers and have a blessed day.


Your Bother In Christ Karl


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